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December Update

austin652 posted Dec 10, 18

With the recent acquisition of a new dev (CrazieGmerz) the gears have finally been set in motion once again to begin work on adding new features to the server. Custom enchants will not yet be arriving but once the plugin we are waiting on is updated we will definitely be adding them in, for what we do have in store we won't yet be revealing until things get finalized or at least closer to being so, but just know that we do have plans and I think you might like them, it adds more to the game in the way of items and some challenge as well. I'll leave a small hint to what it is long time players will remember.

In other news I do have plans for the server for Christmas time, that I'll probably start working on soon, it's not as great as some of the suggestions but it's something, and it's something regarding magic. I'll also soon be putting out a new resource pack version for the server so be sure watch out for that.

Lastly, don't mind the continuous construction on spawn. Our builders are always working on ways to further improve the design. I know this a big info dump but it's just to let you all know what's going on with the server. I will continue to post more as more info is released regarding the plans mentioned above.

It's been a while!

austin652 posted Aug 7, 18

Well, It's been a while since we made an update on here so here's everything so far.

Life has finally returned to Nitro as we update to 1.13 Aquatic Update however it's kind of a bumpy process given that some features don't really work yet such as crates, they currently are not up to date along with a broken RTP (I think this is still broken), water is supposed to be fixed but for some reason it's still doing what I set it not to do and unfortunately some people joined yesterday and griefed the default spawn area and were using hacks and also spammed our discord however that has been delt with, but just a fair warning that grief/hacking is not permitted in the server and will result in punishment if caught.

In other news regarding spawn, our builder, SuperiorOnion has begun work on the new 1.13 spawn so soon enough so you won't be confused with what you can do and how some things work when you first join or if you are already joined but need a refresher or just never learned or knew about these features. We will also be building a shop within spawn so you can get resources you are too lazy to get yourself or can't find in the player shops. Player Shops will still be a thing and will probably be the better place to buy your goods from as they will likely have better prices than you can find in the shop. While this is being done, RosieOnyx is constructing a temporary shop that you can use in the mean time.

I just want to quickly say thank you all for choosing my server. It gives me motivation to continue coming online and working on it when I have the time knowing there's people who come online and enjoy playing on the server since well, for the longest time the server was kind of dead. it's a nice thought that we are growing now and getting new and old players (twidjits wink ) on the server again. Oh and thanks to all my staff who've been here since the start putting up with me for the past few years. I think i'll end it here before we get too sentimental and some people cry while reading this last bit, I'm looking at you kat.

(I will not be held responsible for any onion cutting that result in watery eyes)

xCloudfox Nobody asked for this.
Avomallow Yay :d

'Twas the day before New years eve and all is silent... until now, because i'm here to break that silence with news regarding the reset. As you know we were aiming for early december, obviously that didn't happen but today i'm here to tell you that we will be resetting around midnight and will be ready to play. a full changelog will be available here (not yet) for you to look at. Just a small side note, shop will not be ready right away as things happened and it had to be redone. however you do have our brand new auction house available if you wanna check that out it's just /ah.

Some key features we added are the new ranksystem that has 26 free ranks available to you. Each rank can be aquired by completing a series of requirements set by each rank. Additionally we have the auction house where you can auction things off for other players to buy, we have also updated towny so that with every chunk of land you own it raises your upkeep, for example I have one chunk claimed and I go claim another, my upkeep goes up.

If you have any questions feel free to contact a staff member and ask.

October update

austin652 posted Oct 13, 17

There really isn't anything to say right now but uh. it's October and the spawn has been made to look spooky but it's been that way since September because Justin was excited and changed it last month, crate loot has been changed as it does monthly, Hei was made a super helper. We introduced a new "Mystery Crate" that when you click the NPC in spawn named Artemis click for your daily crate keys to open your daily crate. We've also introduced a new system when we get x amount of votes it triggers a vote party and throws keys at people into their inventories.

Later this month there will be a raid, and hopefully this time it won't be killed so quickly... and the maze has also been redone so you can't memorize it from the last time the area was open and just blow through it. Kezzy will probably post more on that later on this month, if not I'll get back to that with an exact date. I think we were planning for the 28th but nothing's concrete yet.

As always don't forget to post your suggestions on the site and feel free to message a staff member if you have any questions.

This is going to be a short one because the title pretty much says it all, most of you have probably noticed already but as of some time yesterday the server is back online and open to the public again after Hei broke it while I was gone. That's all.

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